Burundi coffee will be a trending specialty coffee across the world very soon. You heard it here first! Many of you have texted and emailed us pictures of Burundi at Starbucks and local coffee shops. Just like coffee from Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Tanzania, Burundi coffee will be in stores more regularly in the coming years. Burundi is the featured Portrait Country in this April’s, Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston.

Check it out! Jeanine and Julie will be there. https://coffeeexpo.org/portrait-country

As part of the Expo, the Burundi Chapter of women coffee growers within the International Women's Coffee Alliance will be presenting on Saturday, April 13th. BFI is proud to support the Burundi Chapter in our savings program. Even after just one year of our pilot WE project, we can see the impact of our work on the women involved in this program: improved self-esteem, increased access to information and resources, and promotion of community organizing. This of course is in addition to their saving money, learning financial literacy, making loans to one another, and contributing to Burundi’s economy. We are grateful for our partnership with Project Concern International of San Diego. PCI’s powerful savings methodology, Women Empowered (WE), is the perfect fit for women, youth, and men in Burundi.


Ann with Goat
Anne, a BFI Savings Group Participant, Proud Goat Owner & Business Woman