COVID-19 Pandemic in Burundi

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Update! (May 16, 2021) Our team is dedicated to the well-being of Burundians, now more than ever. We are currently educating communities by translating important information so that all can understand.

A message from Executive Director Julie Marner

Greetings from Burundi Friends International, and our sincere wishes for the safety and well-being of all of our supporters.

As you know, Burundians are among the world’s most vulnerable people. They remain so in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We wish to assure you that BFI is maintaining our commitment to support our wide network of Burundian children, youth, families and communities.

Up to this time, our team has responded to the pandemic with the tool we know best – education – to ensure the health and safety of the Burundian populations we serve and their communities. At the beginning of the outbreak, BFI assembled key information about COVID-19 and preventative measures and provided it to our leadership team in Burundi. The team immediately translated these documents into Kirundi and French and distributed them to teachers, students and participants in BFI English Clubs, libraries, IT classrooms and savings groups. Handwashing stations were set up at all locations, including in the rural countryside for our savings group participants. Over 50,000 Burundians in our network are now empowered with COVID-19 information, each educating their families, churches, schools and communities.

It will take all of us to end the threat of COVID-19. As we do our part here at home, BFI’s expansive network is integral to limiting the spread of this highly contagious disease across Burundi. We remain hopeful. We remain informed. We remain grateful to each of you for your support and encouragement at this crucial time.

Fundraising is nearly an impossibility at this time, but for those of you who can continue supporting our crucial mission of empowering Burundians, please make your donation by clicking here. Burundians are among the world’s most vulnerable. With your support, we can walk alongside them at this crucial time.

Burundi Friends International

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