A note from Alexis Nizigiyimana, Burundi, July 14, 2016:

We are really grateful to you and BFI for your support to Burundian community.These 10 laptop will complete 10 laptop that you gave us in 2014.These laptop will be more use for our project called “Empower Youths and Women Through ICT and English Skills Training,” conducted in partnership with U.S. Embassy of Burundi.

We have already certified 100 students in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and 200 students in English. In addition, we have another big group of students who need to participate in this ICT program that are around 80 students for 20 laptop. We decided to divide them in two group, one on Friday and another one on Saturday, for 2 months.

You realize that 3 students share one laptop which is a really challenge that we are facing because a great number of youths. Briefly, your laptop will facilitate our EMC’s project tagerted to youths. One laptop will be given to the coordination team and 9 will be used for ICT training.

I would like to ask you another round of 30 laptop next year so that we could expand this project in countryside for more than 5000 young people on three years.

We promote youth empowerment in order to make them self-reliants and contributors in national development to reduce the youth unemployment. We want to make them job creators rather than job seekers.