The thank you notes below have been written by some of our Burundian leaders, who have been working on mastering English as their fourth language. They have been unedited so that you may enjoy and witness the amazing results of your continued support.

Karorero“Hi all, My name is Karorero Xavier a National Representative of United Forces of Partners for Sustainable Development in Partnership with BFI. I would like to let you know that I thank all the donors who are supporting us in all activities that we are doing here in Burundi. I thank you donors because you helped me to study my college and now I have bachelor in Marketing Option. I was without hope and rejected by all my family but when I met Julie our mother through BFI, my life has completely changed and now with my colleagues we are empowering 55,350 Burundians in 18/18 provinces of Burundi. We have created from 2011 with your support, 950 English Clubs, we opened 74 libraries in 18 provinces and we inspired until now 4,000 volunteers who are changing the bad mentality of Burundians willingly. We thank you donors because all of this, it is because of you and your support.We thank you with all our Hearts because 40 students from our volunteers are studying Universities. How great!!! THANK YOU DONORS” -Karorero Xavier

Alexander“I would like to thank BFI donors for being there for us. Thanks BFI donors for supporting me to do a master program at one of the top universities in BURUNDI,” -Alexandre HAKIZIMANA, YEP representative of BUJUMBURA

Edouard“Hi, I’m a Burundian volunteering in BFI. This is to express my heartfelt gratitude to our donors who are moving heaven and earth to serve humanity here in Burundi and in the world. Your humanitarian and charitable actions are changing many lives. Most importantly, your contributions in youth empowerment are playing vital role in soul and community transformation for a better world to live!” -Edouard NZISABIRA

Gisele Irakiza“Gisele Irakiza secretary in IT Departement we thank BFI especialy our donors . To have you is a hope for Burundiaan we don’t know how we can tell in order to show you that what you are doing is a great thinks we love you much much more blessing and make sure that you are building a new Burundi,” – Gisele Irakiza

Chlamyde Mengengwa“Good morning! We would like to thank US donors for your support in different ways you do it. We really appreciate your support in books, containers, money..etc You are recreating hope in the heart of Burundians from parents to sons and daughters. Nowadays, children are being taught English while in the former time it was for graduated in Arts only. Women are empowered and giving up the old mentalities which showed them that they are unable to produce as men can do. Adults are being helped in English language which the language of East African Community. This is of Paramount importance because burundi is the only country of the community which uses French as educanal language. BFI is helping Burundi to fully integrate EAC to name but a few. Much thanks to you,”
-Chlamyde Mengengwa, Ngozi provincial Coordinator of BFI

Amani“I would like to thank all donors for your love and support. Thank you for helping many burundian youth to attend higher education , books that help us to emprove our knowledge. Thank you for bringing hope to youth who is the bright future of Burundi! Blessed,”
-E.Amani, Women Empowerment Bujumbura Province


7“Much respect to you for your leadership together with donors cz you’re making great in our community “Burundi”!. As seen on the picture, it’s after English club at Ruyigi province! We were together after class enjoying the idea conceived and executed by many committed volunteers that I can’t ignore your moral and financial support!! We are thankful for all and go ahead to translating our vision into action!”- Emmanuel

8“I can’t wait to express gratitude for BFI in general and to our donors in particular. Your work throughout Burundi is of a great value. Many students ( including me) are studying universities when other people are being empowered(peasant women) and sustained( starting small businesses to get small revenue) : A HOPE FOR BURUNDI. I owe you, our donors, gratitude,”
-Reverien Bukuru, an International University of Equator BFI Scholar.


9“Our thanksgiven goes to you from US board. we really appreciate your commitment to our Burundi & Burundians. Keep on helping people who are in need. We still need your help especially teachings first. Thx beyond words,” -Olivier NDIKUMWENAYO , Muramvya Education Department


11“I would like to thank the donors of BFI, thank you dear donors, thank you Julie, BFI is a blessing for Burundi, we have seen an impact throughout the Burundian having changed their mentality in all areas of life, especially women, ” together we can”,” -Michella NIYONIZIGIYE, National Secretary in Women Empowerment.

12“On the behalf of the environment department in BFI, we would like to express our gratitude towards who give themselves to make Burundi a better place.with the support we get, our dirty cities are being transformed into clean cities through the trash management and recycling program.
We appreciate the step on which we are, May God bless the donors for each and every support.
*Together we can make Burundi a better place*, ”
-Jean Marie NIZIGIYIMANA; Environment department National coordinator


13“I would like express my innermost gratitude to USA board donars for their support they do to our people through BFI. As a change is a process we thank you for the steps that we have already achieved across the country. In every conner of Burundi we find there are BFI volunteer, ie. change argent. Thanks a lot to Julie to her matchless love towards Burundu,” -Dieudonné Maniragaba, the provincial leader of Education at Ruyigi BFI.


14“I owe a debt of gratitude to United States of America Donors’ Board for your priceless moral and materiel support. I highly appreciated your kindness and generosity towards my country. The Board through Julie Marner showed enough availability and care for Burundi. On behalf of Information and Technology Department, I strongly express my gratitude to USA Board in BFI for computers’ donation. May God bless you all, Burundi and America,” -Domitien Hakizimana, Provincial Information and Technology Department Leader in Bubanza.

15“Name I am Innocent Ndayisenga, RUHORORO communal representative, NGOZI, BURUNDI. Flaunting US donations ought to begin with spiritual and material supports to foster our works. These include the valuable container of books which has been given us to make a library. These ones help us learn from varied cultures. On the other hand, the cell phones provided to some volunteers make it easy to share achievements with coworkers. To this end, emulation helps us teach one another. Last but not least, training sessions which are sometimes organized to sharpen some departments representatives have been an asset for us to share views about BFI, revive weak sectors together and consequently work in harmony in respect of the curricula agreed on. *July Marner, her bord, her friends all donors in general have been of a paramount importance being the first to think of supporting not only us alone but the entire world and its bright future that illuminates a genuine development. *May they find in here our gratitude!*,”- Innocent Ndayisenga

16“I’m HABIMANA Methode , Provicial représentative of BFI in BURUNDI (exactaly in Rumonge province.) I would to thank our Burundian leaders (Karorero,Innocent ans Fabrice) and thé donors of BFI (Julie Marner and his team) for contribution in our nation development. Because of their love in supporting our Rumonge province In giving modern library, books for clubs, computers , scholarship of somme students . so, from our efforts and supports from BFI, we appreciate the step on which We are and we hope that may God bless the donors for each and every support. “Together we can”,”-Methode HABIMANA

17“I would like to express my gratitudes to the USA BFI donor’s board for your love and invaluable support towards my country.I witness BFI is Changing lives of many Burundians in all areas of life.All the contributions from BFI volunteers, are making Burundi a better country with morally and physically healthy Burundians. On behalf of health department,We wholeheartedly thank you,Julie and the whole USA board for your precious time,love for Burundi and care.Your exemple and influence are the inspiration for humanity,” -Azarias NKENGURUTSE leader in Health department Bubanza, and Burundi University medical student.

18“I would like to express my deep gratitude in appreciating and thanking the marvelous supports and donations from our Donors. I would only like to say thank you for all you are doing for Burundi and the next generation of Burundi to come, thank you for your support and donations because they help in bringing a change and an impact in educating in Burundi through books computers libraries and so and so forth. We don’t have words to express your presence among us. You thoroughly mean a lot to BFI. We ask God to bless you and Keep you alive to see how big is the impact on each and everything that you have donated to us.God bless you,” -Willy Ndayisenga

19“Thanks to BFI support, the Women Empowerment National Representatives were able to outreach 12 provinces teaching women and girls how they can participate in sustaining families’ Economy, building a healthy family, being educated, and ending gender based discrimination and violence. We could not afford transport without you! Thank you our Donors. May God Bless You and your Families. Together we can!” -Odette Habonimana

20Hi,I’m a Burundian volunteering in BFI; my name is *SIMBAVIMBERE AIME PARFAIT* Vice representative in GITEGA Province and information technonology representative in Gitega province. This is to express my heartfelt gratitude to our donors who are moving heaven and earth to serve humanity here in Burundi special in BFI and in the world. Your humanitarian and charitable actions are changing our lives. Most importantly, your contributions in youth empowerment are playing vital role in soul and community transformation for a better world to live! Thanks you very much may Almighty God bless you so much -AIME SIMBAVIMBERE