BFI made new friends and gained supporters of all ages on a recent East Coast Tour by Executive Director, Julie Marner, and BFI English Club President, Fabrice Bizimana.  Julie and Fabrice were graciously hosted by BFI supporter, Dr. Fiona Mills, Social Science and English Faculty at Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire.

It was a fun and enlightening week for all as BFI was welcomed by 2nd graders at Kearsarge Elementary, New London; Dartmouth College’s Tuck Business School and John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding courtesy of Kerry Laufer Director, TuckGO-OnSite Global Consulting; Kindergarteners and 6th graders in Molly Kidane and Putnam Kidder’s classrooms at Andover Elementary School; and Proctor Academy’s entire student body, faculty and staff both in Andover.  It’s friends like Fiona that help expand BFI’s mission to the world.  Thank you!

BFI ProctorWant to host BFI at your school in 2017?  Contact  Want to hear more about their recent trip? Click here to visit Proctor Academy’s page on our visit, with gratitude to Scott Allenby, Director of Communications and Marketing, Proctor Academy.

Each class they visited allowed Julie and Fabrice to share about different aspects of their work with BFI. Human rights and women’s issues in Burundi was the focus of their visit to Gender Studies and conversation with the Diversity Committee. Conversation on the economic and cultural challenges associated with being an entrepreneur in Burundi allowed Social Entrepreneurship students to discuss their business plans within the context of the Burundi economy, while tremendous questions from Globalization students provided yet another lens through which Fabrice and Julie could share their work.”

This trip captures the spirit of BFI’s vision for the future.  Awareness is the first step when approaching the challenges of Burundi.  Active engagement between communities here in the US and around the world with our Burundi ambassadors and BFI volunteers and leadership is an important ingredient in our future success.

“The impact of Fabrice and Julie’s visit will transcend their four days on campus, as we continue to wrestle with how we can use our gifts and talents to make an impact on the world around us as global citizens.”