I grew up in a society where I was humiliated

I grew up being discriminated

No one sees my value

I grew up in a society where I have no right to

education, job or speech,

I grew up in a society where I have nothing to say or contribute

I grew up seeing my grandma, my mom, aunties and other women treated the same way

I thought is the nature coz…

I grew up in a society where everyone says that I’m the weakest creature


No, you are wrong, totally wrong

You are the strongest creature ever

You are so strong than you cannot imagine

Carrying a baby for 9 months inside of you!

Cooking, doing washing-up, cleaning…

with the baby inside of you

Because society and culture expect this for you


You are… just amazing.

Who else do you think can do that?

You only you, can do so

Because you are so strong and powerful


No one has the courage like yours,

Soldiers are courageous because they are taught to be so

But you, you are totally different.

At the birth time you struggle but..

You never give up till your hands hold a baby.

Who teaches You?

You always give the best of yourself to

see your kids at the top

You are the best manager ever,

You try to handle what little you have

To satisfy everyone from your house.

You are the best consoler because

You never tolerate any tear on your babies’ cheeks

The best doctor who detects why kids are crying and know what they want, why they are sad and make them happy

And when they are happy you rejoice with them.

Which university did you attend to learn this?


You are so kind till you forget yourself, but you remember

All your babies’ birthdays and surprise them,

You always sleep late after seeing everything is good and…

Wake up very early to prepare breakfast before others get up

You are a great leader, that’s why

You are irreplaceable in families

A great and amazing singer, nooo…

No matter the bad voice you have

But you always make your kids happy and sleep unknowingly

Because you are awesome, special and unique.

See how much you are strong,

Don’t hide yourself but do something

That will awake the whole world

Because you are the strongest woman!


Amani, University student in Burundi