10,000+ Items Promote Healthcare in Burundi

BFI Medical Container 2BFI is thrilled to announce the off-loading of our medical container in Burundi! In partnership with Project C.U.R.E., we have provided 10,000+ items of medical equipment and supplies to 4 outstanding healthcare groups in Burundi, and another container is ready to be converted into a library.

ANSS (Association Nationale de Soutien aux Seropositifs et Malade du Sida) specializes in HIV prevention and HIV/AIDS treatment. Several clinics are located across Burundi.

Roi Khaled Hospital is a teaching hospital in Bujumbura. It also provides on-site classes.


BFI Medical Container 3Maison Medicale de Bujumbura provides specialty services to those who can’t be treated at hospitals or clinics. It it is a leading facility in cardiology care.
The English Medical Club (EMC) is a group of medical students who assist in basic health care throughout the countryside. The students learn computer skills and English medical training with the help of BFI and the U.S. Embassy.