If you’re anything like me (or the majority of sane humans), you spent last weekend inside, AC turned up, avoiding the summer sun. If you’re anything like today’s Cycling4Burundi superstar, Krista Freitag, you spent last Saturday proving nothing comes between you and hardcore RAGBRAI training! Undeterred by 104 degree temperatures (yes, you read that right), Krista fearlessly led Julie on a 65-mile ride from Glendora to Seal Beach and back again. And that’s not all! Rumor has it that while Krista pushed through a broken bike spoke, Julie was off taking a water break…(104 degree temps., we’ll forgive you this time Julie!)

Mr. Fabrice revealed he thinks Krista will be the least prepared for RAGBRAI because “She is a busy one!” And busy she is! Krista has been hard at work helping BFI with number crunching, financials, and audit preparations. Everyone here at BFI is baffled by where she finds the time to train! So, who do you think Krista says will be the least prepared of the Cycling4Burundi Team? Will she take Fabrice’s comments lying down?!

Brace yourself, because like the weather she rides in Krista’s answers are almost too hot to handle! Don’t miss her behind-the-scenes interview:


1. What is your affiliation to BFI?

I became aware and a supporter somewhat simultaneous with Julie’s involvement in 2010/2011. I became a volunteer in January 2018 to assist with financial reporting and audit preparations.

2. Why are you participating in RABGRAI this year?

To raise money and awareness for Burundi and because Julie’s passion is infectious.

3. Who is the athlete that most inspires you in your training for RAGBRAI and why?

I would say my modern day admiration is for obscure athlete Ron Baker with the Knicks. Why –

  1. I love basketball,
  2. He is from a very tiny, rural Kansas town similar to that in which I grew up, and
  3. He overcame all political odds to make it to the top of the college game and onto a multi-million dollar contract in the NBA.

4. If you could tell the world one thing about Burundi, what would it be?

It became the unhappiest country in the world this year – so giving people Education and Economic Empowerment (and thus a glimmer of hope and freedom to make life choices) has an immeasurable impact on Burundi’s future.

5. Which of the Cycle4Burundi Team members do you think will be most prepared for RAGBRAI come July 22nd and who do you think will be least prepared? Why?

Most – Doug.

Least – Me (b/c aint nobody got time for this .)

I can’t ride 65-miles in 104 degree weather but I want to help. What can I do? Support BFI in meeting our $50k goal for RAGBRAI by donating here.