If you know anything about BFI Executive Director Julie Marner, you know that she lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, and embodies everything Burundi. We have it on good authority that after her first trip to Burundi in December 2010, no one in the history of conversations with Julie has made it out without hearing something about BFI, Burundi, or both! Julie will stop at nothing – and no one – to share her love for and support of the country. And her family is no exception.

In today’s interview, we proudly bring you…DRUMROLL PLEASE…Jane Hanson! Jane is a proud representative of Iowa, the only Cycling4Burundi teammate who has actually done RAGBRAI before, and is, you guessed it, Julie’s cousin. (Or should we say Julie is her cousin.) If you ask us, Jane should be running this whole operation. Jane brings the Iowan warmth, hospitality (and corn!) that the state prides itself on, which couldn’t be any more like the warmth and hospitality that Burundi prides itself on!

The fact that they’re cousins didn’t stop Jane from voting Julie as the least prepared Cycling4Burundi teammate come RAGBRAI. But hey, that’s family for you! Like any Iowan family, blood runs deep because Jane was also quoted as saying, “Julie’s family is so proud of her and is so happy to support her and her cause!”

Find Jane’s once-in-a-lifetime interview here. And remember to take note from the only rider that’s actually done this whole RAGBRAI thing before:



1. What is your affiliation to BFI?

BFI supporter and Julie’s cousin and happy to support her endeavors.

2. Why are you participating in RABGRAI this year?

Because Julie asked and because I’m one of the only actual Iowans on the team. I’ve done RAGBRAI before and I’m very happy that BFI is going to see the Iowan countryside!

3. Who is the athlete that most inspires you in your training for RAGBRAI and why?

Serena Williams. She can have a baby and be right back at tip-top form, which means that I should be able to do this bike ride. She’s the World’s Greatest Athlete.

4. If you could tell the world one thing about Burundi, what would it be?

I’ve never been to Burundi. I only have knowledge from presentations with Julie and Fabrice. The one thing I would tell the world is where Burundi is located.

5. Which of the Cycle4Burundi Team members do you think will be most prepared for RAGBRAI come July 22nd and who do you think will be least prepared? Why?

I think Doug will be the most prepared because of his emails early on about Training Schedules. He even sent emails about downloadable Training Schedules. I think Julie will be the least prepared – just to give her a hard time. She’ll be too busy to train and she’s been traveling.





You too can be like Jane! Show your support for Burundi by helping BFI meet our $50k goal for RAGBRAI today: https://www.classy.org/campaign/cycling4burundi/c191396.