BFI is back in the goat business — $12,287 worth of goats!

In 2013, BFI distributed goats to women coffee growers in Burundi. The result? Crop yields are up due to a reliable source of fertilizer. Families benefit from the consumption and sale of milk, butter, and cheese.

Now we’ve started a new project, managed by BFI volunteer Thierry Yungenge. Our partner is CDCES, a Burundian NGO that assists 80 families in rural Bujumbura province. Currently, CDCES is sourcing the goats, with a goal of providing a male and a female to each family.

These goats will be used to provide fertilizer for crops and breed more goats for sale. The association is also planning a cooperative, to help the farmers increase production and obtain better prices. In time, members will add a more expensive breed of goat to generate milk for cheese.

Nearly 500 people will achieve economic empowerment by the end of 2016, with sustainable growth for the future. And your generosity is making it happen!