When people ask about BFI, we usually talk about our Mission, our Vision, and the projects we’re passionate about in Burundi. You’ve probably heard us discussing Education, Economic Empowerment, and English Clubs. But one of the most important things about our BFI Family, is that it’s built on Friendship. Friendships that know no borders or boundaries, and that extend from San Diego to Bujumbura, from to Boston to all 18 provinces of Burundi, and indeed, to Iowa.

BFI Family FriendsToday we bring you a photo diary of the beautiful friendships between our Cycling4Burundi team. From Business Owners to CEOs to Lawyers to Executive Directors to Students, they are an eclectic mix who are coming together for the ride of their lives! Because friends don’t let friends ride RAGBRAI alone.

We can’t wait to see how the bonds of friendship carry the team through the Iowan countryside for 7 long days. Together they will support one another when the riding gets tough, and together they’ll pull over when one needs a water (or bathroom!) break. Together they’ll sweat, eat, laugh, most likely cry, and feel extreme exhaustion, all because of their unifying goal of supporting Burundi.

We’re so proud of our team and we hope you will join us in cheering for them all along their journey – it starts in just 2 days!

I’m a Cycling4Burundi fan and I want to show my support. What can I do? Help BFI reach our $50k goal for RAGBRAI by donating here today: https://www.classy.org/campaign/cycling4burundi/c191396.

BFI Friends Family