Live from RAGBRAI we bring you, Day 6! Today’s ride took our team on a 58-mile ride, from charming Sigourney to the big city life in Iowa City! Along the way, the team received a warm welcome in Kalona, and rode through Hills, the home of Julie’s wonderful parents and avid BFI and Burundi supporters, Marv and Helen.

Francine Niyonsaba - BFI supporterAnd you know who else is an avid Burundi (and BFI, once she finds out about us) supporter?! Burundian Francine Niyonsaba, 2016 Olympic silver medalist! No, you didn’t read that wrong – Burundi proudly has an Olympic medalist. She recently defended her 2016 World Indoor Championship title, with a 1st place finish in the 800-meter dash just this March. Just think, while our 6 amateur athletes are riding across Iowa representing Burundi, Francine is professionally running across the world representing her beloved country.

Welcome to KalonaThere’s actually quite a lot that Francine and BFI have in common (other than the whole professional, Olympic silver-winning medalist, 2-time World Champion versus 6 amateur athletes thing) when it comes to the work they do to represent Burundi. Francine couldn’t have captured it any better when quoted on her recent win: “I am always smiling when I wear this national flag of Burundi. I did all I was supposed to do to defend this title despite the fact it was not easy. I did it for God and for my country. I want to be an inspiration for the youth and children in Burundi.” You know what else isn’t easy? Riding 428.1 miles for RAGBRAI. But, like Francine, BFI is doing it to be an inspiration for the youth and children in Burundi.

You can be an inspiration too! Match BFI’s 58-mile ride by donating $58 today, and support college tuition for Burundian youth: Do your part to inspire Burundian youth today!

BFI at Ragbrai