RAGBRAI Day 5 and the team is still chugging along! Today’s ride took our courageous team from Newton to Sigourney, a quaint city with a population of 2,059. After 69-miles of biking up, down, and all around Iowa towns, our team is looking forward to sharing community and getting some much needed R&R (and beer.)

What’s extra special about today’s route?! The start city, Newton, is a mere 24-miles from Grinnell, Iowa. Grinnellians, proud of their “Jewel of the Prairie” are used to having to answer the question, ‘Grinnell is Iowhere?!’ As the hometown of famed actress Danai Gurira, better known as Okoye in Marvel’s Black Panther, the city is important to BFI. Like a true Grinellian, Danai is proud of her Iowan roots; she’s equally proud of her African roots, having spent much of her childhood growing up in Zimbabwe. And you can see this in her work – she writes plays, acts, and founds organizations that give tribute to African pride, power, and art, and creates a stage for this creativity to be shared with the world.

As our team rode the route today, they paid tribute to Danai and all she’s done for bringing countries in Africa to light on the world stage! Just like Danai kicks major butt in Black Panther, our Cycling4Burundi team kicked major butt on their 69-mile ride! Like 2 peas in an Iowan pod, Danai, which means “loving each other” in Shona, emulates the friendship and power of relationships that BFI exudes and embraces! We love building connections between Iowa, Burundi, and now, Black Panther. If we humbly may, WAKANDA FOREVER!

P.S. Anyone know Danai?! We’d love to share the great work BFI is doing with her and ask her to be a Burundi advocate! If you do, holla at us, if not, we’ve got an alternative way you can help. Donate $69 to match the team’s 69-mile ride, and upport the conversion of a 40 ft. container into BFI Community Libraries throughout the country.



In the words of Black Panther, ‘Donate today to build a future tomorrow’ (okay we admit it, those are our own words, but we know Danai and crew would agree!)