Day 3 of RAGBRAI done and dusted! Today our Cycling4Burundi adventurers traversed the Iowan roads from Jefferson to Ames, bringing in a 62-mile ride. The Iowan landscape was filled with solar wind, agriculture, teamwork, and strong community ties. The team was led into a world of imagination for what Burundi could look like, given access to opportunities similar to the ones experienced along the stunning RAGBRAI route. The beautiful Iowa day they experienced, fills them with hope for the beautiful days Burundi has ahead.

Iowa WindmillsBFI is working to build bridges in friendship, community, and access to opportunities in education across Burundi. Iowans and Burundians alike are celebrated for their friendly demeanor, generous hearts, and neighborly support within their communities. You’re seeing firsthand what opportunity has done for the Iowan landscape – and we know firsthand that planting a small seed in Burundi can create opportunities that have lasting impact.

That’s where you come in. Help us create opportunities for youth in Burundi. In support of the team’s 62-mile ride, donate $62 towards college tuition for a Burundian student: