Freshly Roasted Gourmet Coffee!

BFI now delivers delicious Burundi coffee to your doorstep! Order whole bean or ground and receive a 12-ounce package of coffee known for its intense body and sweetness. It also makes a unique gift for family members and friends.

Many thanks to Acoustic Java of Worcester, MA, and Café Moto of San Diego, CA. They help make this coffee available for BFI by storing and roasting it at no cost. BFI only pays for bags, labels, and shipping for roasting. This allows maximum benefit to Burundians with every cup we sip.

Why not make Burundi coffee your daily cup of joe?

  • Enter: amount – whole bean or ground – card information
  • Suggested donation: 1 package $15 – 2 packages $25 – shipping $5
  • Information/availability:

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