In 2015, your generosity helped BFI to fill a giant shipping container with English books and computers to support education in Burundi. But civil unrest in Burundi put the next steps on hold. Happily, we were able to ship in early 2016. This July, BFI successfully delivered 22,000 books (557 boxes), 10 laptop computers, 15 e-readers, 2 boxes of board games, and the shipping container to their new homes!

Burundi American International Academy (BAIA): 168 boxes of books.  BAIA is an independent international day school for primary and secondary students in Bujumbura, Burundi.

BFI English Clubs: 333 boxes of books. BFI English Clubs offer free English language instruction to more than 8,000 students in 13 provinces across Burundi.

International Leadership University (ILU): 56 boxes of books.  ILU is a private training institution with Bachelors and Masters programs in leadership, business, governance, and theology.

Women Vision Association (WVA) Burundi: 15 e-readers.  WVA defends the rights of women violated, promotes social interaction, represents its members before public authorities, and leads women in projects to promote economic empowerment.

English Medical Club (EMC): 10 laptop computers. Medical students assist in basic health care throughout the Burundi countryside and learn computer skills and English medical training with the assistance of BFI and the U.S. Embassy.

St. John, BFI Library: 1 shipping container. The empty container will be transformed into a library to serve the people of Burundi.