The BFI Board and several volunteers met over the weekend of September 16-18 in San Diego to discuss and implement a 3 year plan and begin discussions for BFI’s 10 Year Anniversary in 2017.

The retreat was facilitated by Cindy Petersen Ed.M., and began with a review of BFI’s history and the lessons we’ve learned from each experience. Our fundraising and programming has continued to grow exponentially each year for the past several years. BFI has successfully accomplished many projects consistent with our mission and emphasis on Education, Economic Empowerment and Healthcare.

These positive accomplishments inspired the development of new 3 year strategic goals. Conversation initially focused on BFI’s own initiatives and the opportunity to leverage partnerships with other international organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Work groups identified, discussed and finalized the most important goals, success measures and action items that will build upon our momentum and propel BFI forward in the coming months and years. The weekend concluded with a discussion about our upcoming 10 Year anniversary and the events and celebrations that will mark this important milestone.

The hard work and determination of our team members in Burundi, Burundi Friends International’s leadership and volunteers has brought hope, progress and opportunity to the people of Burundi. The implementation of the new strategic plan captures that passion and energy combined with a vision that will build upon our foundation, expanding sustained opportunity, empowerment, education and health for the people of Burundi.