From Executive Director Julie Marner

BFI is on the verge of providing high-quality beginner English teaching manuals to our volunteer teachers. These are absolutely essential. Gone are the days of smaller classroom sizes – and by small, I mean 35 students. Today each class is jam-packed with 50-70 kids, teens, young adults, and farmers, all learning English side-by-side.

With 30,000 students across Burundi, our teachers need help! To begin, BFI plans to provide 700 copies of the colored, 62-page Teachers’ Guide Book at a cost of $2.50 each. We know that our 3,000 teachers will find ways to share the book while we locate more financing.

BFI supporters, will you donate $25.00 to buy ten books? Enhance our blazing English program! We are so proud of our program and of you!