What do you envision yourself doing when you’re 65? From a list of endless options, you could spend your time enjoying retirement, taking beachfront vacations, or finally getting around to writing that best-selling memoir. Once you’ve sufficiently exhausted these options, you can try dabbling in general relaxation, taking more time for self-reflection, and going on that trip you’ve always promised yourself you’d take. That is, of course, unless you’re the feature story of today’s interview, and what you choose to do at age 65 is ride over 60 miles a day in sweltering heat and humidity, all to show unwavering support for BFI! Take a second to get back from the from the Mai Tai-filled vacation you were just planning in your mind to let that sink in.

And…we’re back! Ladies and gentleman, you heard it right, today’s RAGBRAI hero, Tom Hanson, shows us that riding has no limits and age aint got nothin’ on him! Next time you catch yourself thinking you ‘don’t feel like going to the gym’ or that you’ll ‘workout tomorrow’, let Tom here be your inspiration and guiding light. Just ask yourself WWTD (What Would Tom Do)? Tom would ride over 400 miles in the span of a week, that’s what Tom would do! And the apple really doesn’t fall far from the family tree on this one because Tom is Jane’s dad and Julie’s uncle.

So, the next time you’d rather skip that run, don’t! Instead, be like Tom. Today’s interview with Tom takes you directly to the heartland of the US, where you’ll get an inside look into Iowa, and find out why Tom thinks – in direct opposition to his daughter Jane – that Julie will be the most prepared for RAGBRAI!

Read on to find out why you really do want to Be Like Tom:



1. What is your affiliation to BFI?

My affiliation with BFI is knowing Julie Marner as my niece!

2. Why are you participating in RABGRAI this year?

For one thing, RAGBRAI goes through Iowa and I’m in Iowa and I’m from Iowa. We live in northeast Iowa. I’m participating to show support for BFI.

Being an Iowa native, Jane and I felt like we needed to escort the rest of the group through Iowa. Show them where not to go and to keep them safe – not let them go to Julie’s home town of Hills. Direct them to Iowa hot spots.

3. Who is the athlete that most inspires you in your training for RAGBRAI and why?

Tom didn’t share the athlete that inspired him most in his RAGBRAI training, but we’re guessing it’s his daughter and the team’s most experienced rider, Jane!

4. If you could tell the world one thing about Burundi, what would it be?

It’s one of the poorest places in the world and it’s a country that most people haven’t heard of, so people need to know about Burundi and the plight of her people.

5. Which of the Cycle4Burundi Team members do you think will be most prepared for RAGBRAI come July 22nd and who do you think will be least prepared? Why?

Julie will be the most psyched up! And for least prepared, I’m 65 years old so I’d have to go with me.


Be Like Tom. Support BFI and the whole Cycling4Burundi team, in their efforts to ride over 400 miles to raise $50k for Burundi. Do your part today by donating today: https://www.classy.org/campaign/cycling4burundi/c191396.