We proudly introduce BFI Volunteer, Azarias Ngengurutse. This is his story, written verbatim in his fourth language, English. Enjoy.

My name is Azarias NKENGURUTSE, born in 1991, the mountains of Musigati, the West of Burundi, from poor family: motherless and have untrained father. Currently am a second-year student in the faculty of medicine, At University of Burundi and a BFI volunteer. In 2014, Started teaching English language in BFI Musigati, moved to volunteering as Bubanza provincial health department coordinator for 2 years, now I moved to volunteering as a Western region of Burundi health department coordinator and a National BFI health team member. I find interest in digging for knowledge and health research to efficiently serve humanity. Apart from my ability to find, write, sing, Author of 8 English songs, in 2014, I won the third price in National poem Authors competition and was selected to present my first poem entitled “No to women and gender-based violence” on the international day of Women. Convinced of the part I had to play using my God-given talents in the behalf of humanity, in 2016, After a completed year studying biological science at University of Burundi, I got decided to quit and pass the selective and competitive examination for entry in medicine which I succeeded with honour to be in the first one hundred candidates to be admitted to the faculty of medicine, at Public National university of Burundi.

Much love to my field of study and sociability, love and care to my classmates opened me access to be loved by both teachers and students. In my first year, was elected a hundred student class President, my classmates awarded me surprisingly a certificate of a good leadership at the closing day of academic year. In my second year in medicine, I was again elected Class President and then was elected Deputy General Representative of all medical students of the faculty of medicine at university of Burundi until now. In march the same year,2018, I opened and stood as President of BFI team of medical volunteers (Medical students and doctors) at my faculty- university of Burundi. This permitted me to be a link and a bridge to the last step of success in the process of making an official partnership between the University of Burundi and Burundi Friends International.

From June,2018, I was inspired to compete together with East African Community Senior and junior researchers and Medical teachers and specialists of my faculty as a respond to a call for abstract submission for the 7th EAC Health and scientific conference. After conducting my research, I submitted to the EAC Health research commission my first scientific abstract entitled “Medical East African Community Young researchers and technology usage” and was selected and accepted for presentation during the 7th EAC Health and scientific conference to be held from 27th to 29th March 2019 at Dar es salaam, United Republic of Tanzania where I will be one of conference speakers and Author of an accepted scientific Abstract. Now I have got an access to the EAC Health research website, Got My personal ID and password as a recognized EAC young Researcher to post my future researches. I don’t dream to stop as I start from my early years of medical studies. I dream to be an efficient future Doctor with an inspiration to other young Africans and throughout the world for brighter future of humanity.


“Young people can discover and use their hidden talents once encouraged and supported. It is a wise investment for future”


No To Violence, a Poem

But no, I broke the silence !!

Yes, I protest violence

I dare lift a fiery Vigilance.,

The painful secret that kept me waiting,

Listen, say no to violence against women.

To you men to hearts without souls,


To you men to souls ruthless

I would raise my voice against your actions, your evil deeds make you fools.

Listen, end sexual violence against women.

To all men and women,


To all and each hit,

Let's raise our hands against such acts,

Let us form a united front together,

Listen, put an end to gender-based sexual violence.