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20 April 2021 mflores
02 April 2020 cchan

COVID-19 Pandemic in Burundi

Update! (May 16, 2021) Our team is dedicated to the well-being of Burundians, now more than ever.

23 January 2020 mflores

Q&A with Dugan Lamoise, on BFI’s Women Empowered Project

A $58,350 Rotary Global Grant with BFI and the Rotary Clubs of Del Mar, California and Bujumbura, Burundi was initiated in the Spring of 2019 followed by a recent site visit by Dugan Lamoise, Vice President of Del Mar Rotary, and her husband, Phil

02 November 2019 bekejiub

Let's Bring #GivingTuesday to Burundi!

Mark your calendars for December 3rd, because GivingTuesday is just around the corner! Have you heard of GivingTuesday?

29 September 2019 bekejiub

Happy International Coffee Day!

Did you know that coffee is one of Burundi’s top exports?

13 September 2019 bekejiub

Summer 2019 Trip With Executive Directer Julie Marner

I would like to begin my summer update with gratitude to BFI Intern, Peilla Ishimwe, to Del Mar Rotary Club, and to Project Concern International, all combining for powerful impact in Burundi.

13 September 2019 bekejiub
03 May 2019 mflores

BFI Founder to Receive Erskine Award

The YWCA of Central Massachusetts has announced five recipients of this year’s Katharine F. Erskine Awards, which will be presented at a celebration at Mechanics Hall on May 7.

08 April 2019 mflores


We proudly introduce BFI Volunteer, Azarias Ngengurutse. This is his story, written verbatim in his fourth language, English. Enjoy.

24 February 2019 mflores

Perk Up! Burundi Coffee Coming Your Way Soon!

Burundi coffee will be a trending specialty coffee across the world very soon. You heard it here first! Many of you have texted and emailed us pictures of Burundi at Starbucks and local coffee shops.

03 December 2018 cchan

Special Thank You’s From Burundi

The thank you notes below have been written by some of our Burundian leaders, who have been working on mastering English as their fourth language.

14 September 2018 cchan
13 September 2018 cchan

BFI’s Team of Seven, Tour de Force!

Tour de Force, Part One: Hewlett Packard, Health, Making Music and Developing Beautiful Hearts

By Executive Director, Julie Marner


04 August 2018 cchan

That’s a Wrap!

It’s officially official. Today marks the LAST DAY to donate for RAGBRAI 2018. We could really use your support to help us wrap up this Campaign with a bang!

03 August 2018 cchan

Ask What You Can Do for RAGBRAI…

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to donate to our 2018 RAGBRAI Ride! If you thrive off deadlines, now is your time to shine!

02 August 2018 cchan

Creative Genius: Live from the BFI IT Department

IF YOU WATCH 1 THING TODAY IT SHOULD BE THIS! Our friends in Burundi send a heartfelt thank you to the whole BFI Family, for your support of RAGBRAI!

31 July 2018 cchan

Huge Thanks to Our BFI Family!

On behalf of the entire Cycling4Burundi team, we want to take a moment to thank our BFI Family! Thank you for your outpouring of support, encouragement, and love throughout our RAGBRAI journey!

30 July 2018 cchan

Iowa in July

“And by the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on that day He rested from all His work.” Genesis 2:3.

29 July 2018 cchan

The Final Cycle

BFI Final Cycle at RAGBRAIRAGBRAI Day 7: The Final Cycle!

28 July 2018 cchan

Professional Athletes, Julie’s Parents, and a Warm Welcome!

Live from RAGBRAI we bring you, Day 6! Today’s ride took our team on a 58-mile ride, from charming Sigourney to the big city life in Iowa City!

27 July 2018 cchan

BFI & Black Panther in Iowa

RAGBRAI Day 5 and the team is still chugging along! Today’s ride took our courageous team from Newton to Sigourney, a quaint city with a population of 2,059.

26 July 2018 cchan

Fields of Dreams

Hot off the press! RAGBRAI Day 4 finished and the team’s still groovin’! With today’s 59-mile wild ride from Ames to Newton, we’ve reached the halfway point of our journey.

25 July 2018 cchan

Iowa and Burundi – Heartlands of Opportunity

Day 3 of RAGBRAI done and dusted! Today our Cycling4Burundi adventurers traversed the Iowan roads from Jefferson to Ames, bringing in a 62-mile ride.

24 July 2018 cchan

72 Miles + $72 Donation = 20 Intermediate English Books in Burundi

News Flash! 72 miles and over 7 hours of riding! That’s what Day 2 of RAGBRAI had in store for our Cycling4Burundi team.

23 July 2018 cchan

Day 1 of RAGBRAI and Julie’s Already in the Sag Wagon

Breaking News from Iowa! Day 1 of RAGBRAI started in Onawa, took the riders 43.5 miles with 1,558 feet of climb, and finished in Denison. And supposedly this is the easiest day of the entire route!

21 July 2018 cchan

Oh, the Iowan Places You’ll Go!

You’ve read exciting interviews with each of our Cycling4Burundi team members! You’ve seen what bicycles mean to everyday life in different parts of Burundi! And starting tomorrow, the time has finally come for the Feature Presentation.

20 July 2018 cchan

To Ride is Life

Today we take you on a ride to Gihanga Commune in Bubanza Province. In this community, bicycles are a necessity for daily survival. Community members most basic needs, like access to clean water, can only be met by riding miles from home on bike.

19 July 2018 cchan

Family + Friendship = BFI

When people ask about BFI, we usually talk about our Mission, our Vision, and the projects we’re passionate about in Burundi. You’ve probably heard us discussing Education, Economic Empowerment, and English Clubs.

18 July 2018 cchan

Tools of Transport and Transformation – Interview with Innocent Niyongabo

This just in! We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you the man of this and every hour, Innocent Niyongabo! As Vice President of the BFI English Education Program, Innocent was once described as ‘The Burundian MLK’.

17 July 2018 cchan

Be Like Tom!

What do you envision yourself doing when you’re 65? From a list of endless options, you could spend your time enjoying retirement, taking beachfront vacations, or finally getting around to writing that best-selling memoir.

16 July 2018 cchan

Stories of Love, Dating, and Bicycles in Upcountry Burundi

Today we take you to upcountry Burundi, which can only be reached by off-roading, 4-by-4ing, or, if you have the strength and stamina, cycling! And believe us, you want to stay tuned.

14 July 2018 cchan

Riding in Rural Burundi

You’ve already been to Bujumbura City and back again on our RAGBRAI journey; where will the adventure take you next?! Today we travel to Gitega Province, to explore the importance of bicycles in more rural areas of Burundi.

13 July 2018 cchan

Hot Off the Press – Never Before Seen Interview with Doug Novak

On today’s exciting adventure on the Road to RAGBRAI, we bring you The Man, The Myth, The Legend: The Doug Novak.

12 July 2018 cchan

Picture Yourself in Bujumbura City

Today we take you to Bujumbura City, to see what role bicycles play in daily life in Burundi’s capital. But first, we invite you to enter a world of imagination. Take a moment to picture in your mind the quintessential New York scene…Okay, fine.

11 July 2018 cchan

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…An Exciting Interview with Krista Freitag

If you’re anything like me (or the majority of sane humans), you spent last weekend inside, AC turned up, avoiding the summer sun.

10 July 2018 cchan

Cycling in Burundi - Come Ride with Us

How did you start your day this morning? A shower? Brushing your teeth? Wishing everyone would just leave you alone until you made your coffee? What do all of these things have in common? Water!

09 July 2018 cchan

The Ultimate Interview with Fabrice Bizimana

Drumroll please! Today we caught up with The One, The Only, The Very Heartbeat of BFI itself, Mr. Fabrice Bizimana!

08 July 2018 cchan

BFI, Bicycles, & Burundi - Oh My!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Today we take you to Burundi, to give you the inside scoop on what bicycling looks like, and what its used for, in the country. And we can almost guarantee you’ll learn something new!

07 July 2018 cchan

Exclusive Interview with BFI Executive Director Julie Marner

Wondering why 6 of BFI’s very own would choose to ride over 400 miles in the sweltering heat and humidity of the heartland of the US?! Then look no further!

06 July 2018 cchan

View from the Heartland, BFI and RAGBRAI


BFI is excited to announce our official Blog Page for our First Annual RAGBRAI Cycling4Burundi Team!

12 June 2018 cchan

What your contribution to Women’s Empowerment/ BFI accomplished

One of our Burundian WONDER WOMEN working with BFI is Odette. She along with Michella, Esperance and Estella are very active in our Women’s Empowerment Clubs.

21 March 2018 cchan

My Inner Talks

I grew up in a society where I was humiliated

I grew up being discriminated

No one sees my value

I grew up in a society where I have no right to

education, job or speech,

20 March 2018 cchan

We All Empower

A woman is a human being

We are dreaming, leading, and believing.

Our lives are like a journey, we jump loops, like we’re in a hurry

12 September 2017 cchan

Beginner English Book Is Going to Press!

From Executive Director Julie Marner

10 September 2017 cchan

BFI Shop For a Cause!

We invite all BFI supporters to “BFI Shop For a Cause!”

12 March 2017 cchan

Ashleigh Montgomery : Sisterhood

As a volunteer with BFI in Burundi in 2014, I met a young woman who would become a dear friend.

17 November 2016 cchan

Open Minds, Open Hearts, New Potential

BFI made new friends and gained supporters of all ages on a recent East Coast Tour by Executive Director, Julie Marner, and BFI English Club President, Fabrice Bizimana.  Julie and Fabrice were graciously hosted by BFI supporter, Dr.

15 November 2016 cchan

Freshly Roasted for the Season: Burundi Coffee – Ground or Whole Bean

Freshly roasted Burundi coffee is available throughout the holiday season, but quantities are limited. Great gift idea, or a way to make any holiday gathering more special.

15 November 2016 cchan

The Music of Hope in Burundi – Suzuki Style!

From Executive Director, Julie Marner

15 October 2016 cchan

Davis Project for Peace

BFI and FUCOS Complete “Davis Project for Peace”

bfi-davis-project-for-peace-3The “Davis Proj

15 October 2016 cchan

BFI 2016 Strategic Planning Weekend

The BFI Board and several volunteers met over the weekend of September 16-18 in San Diego to discuss and implement a 3 year plan and begin discussions for BFI’s 10 Year Anniversary in 2017.

14 September 2016 cchan

Got Goats?

BFI is back in the goat business — $12,287 worth of goats!

14 September 2016 cchan

Burundi Coffee – September 2016

Freshly Roasted Gourmet Coffee!

14 September 2016 cchan

BFI Teacher Wins Scholarship

Three years ago, 19-year-old Landry Ndayikeje joined a BFI English Club in Bujumbura. His intense desire to learn and sharp mind helped him to advance quickly.

13 August 2016 cchan

Let Me Tell You

by Karorero Xavier

I don’t arrive to sleep,
when I remember that thousands and thousands of people don’t have food to eat.
I don’t arrive to sleep,

13 August 2016 cchan

Books Container Arrives in Burundi

In 2015, your generosity helped BFI to fill a giant shipping container with English books and computers to support education in Burundi. But civil unrest in Burundi put the next steps on hold. Happily, we were able to ship in early 2016.

13 August 2016 cchan

The English Medical Club Thanks You

A note from Alexis Nizigiyimana, Burundi, July 14, 2016:

13 August 2016 cchan

Medical Container Delivered in Burundi

10,000+ Items Promote Healthcare in Burundi

BFI Medical Container 2BFI is thrilled to announce the

17 July 2016 cchan
15 July 2016 cchan

Interview with Jane Hanson - The Team’s Most Experienced Rider!

If you know anything about BFI Executive Director Julie Marner, you know that she lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, and embodies everything Burundi.

15 June 2016 cchan

Together, We Bring Hope and Health to the Poorest of the Poor

You cannot help but be inspired by Léonard Ngendakumana. This man of vision and compassion dedicates his life to improving the lives of his fellow Burundians.

15 May 2016 cchan

Amani Esperance: Dreams Do Come True!

It starts with a dream. Amani Esperance is a young Burundian woman with big dreams. “I come from a poor family but I got a chance of going to school with all the love and support of my parents, though life is hard.