"My name is Odette Nibizi, 1st group member and key keeper. I am married and have 4 children, 3 of them studying in primary school. We were told there is a meeting specific for women. I attended the meeting and I was convinced at its end. It was my first time to be in an association. We were taught how to promote ourselves via saving and small investment. We were also taught a little on how to live socially in harmony as a source of community development. It was my first time to hear someone inspiring me to save. Before I joined, I could use up all money I get. Socially, I got friends and knew to be together with my peers. We assist each other in good and in worse. In first cycle, I requested a small loan of 10,000 BIF to till my land. The reason to ask a small loan is that I could not see the advantage of it.

During share-out I got 135,000 BIF but re-invested 15,000 BIF. I said to myself let me do something precious. From the amount I bought a goat at 100,000 BIF. The rest I took it home to testify to my husband and celebrate together. The goat bore 2 small goats. Second cycle, I returned more committed to work hard and reach farther as I had already discovered net advantages to be a member. I asked for loan of 50,000 BIF April and rent 2 orange trees. From the amount got, I bought another goat and reimbursed the loan. Now, I have 4 goats and the 1st I started with is soon giving birth of other small goats. In 1 year, I dream to have a cow. In 5 years, I have already said it: as I live in a house like Egypt, I will buy cash power for electricity,"