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Six Figure Grant Bringing IT Opportunities to Burundi

Burundi Friends International is laying plans to create IT centers and advance STEM education in the tiny East African country after receiving a one-time grant of $125,000 from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. Learn more about what this grant will do for Burundi by clicking the button below. 

Our Mission

BFI unites and educates youth, women and men leading to economic empowerment, building self-sustaining communities in Burundi, East Africa.

Burundi is a small country in East Africa about the size of Maryland, located between Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda.  Burundi is divided into 18 provinces, with its capital in Gitega.  While the primary languages of Burundi are Kirundi, Swahili and French, the primary language of business (and associated opportunity) throughout Africa is English.

Map of Burundi
Empowering Burundi Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

BFI’s Education and Economic Empowerment programming efforts specifically align with the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with an emphasis on the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Our mission is to develop and culminate these focuses in order to one day achieve Sustainable Development Goal #1 in Burundi - No Poverty.

Education & English Clubs

Knowledge is power. BFI works to expand opportunity in Burundi by providing learning materials to the eighteen provinces to propel education and support Burundians in their search for knowledge.  Learn More about BFI’s Education Pillar

Economic Empowerment

Here at BFI, we believe that self-sustainability and economic empowerment are created through education not hand outs. We have been working with women coffee growers to achieve this and meet our goals of ending poverty in Burundi. Learn More about BFI’s Economic Empowerment Pillar.

29 September 2019 bekejiub

Happy International Coffee Day!

Did you know that coffee is one of Burundi’s top exports?

21 September 2019 bekejiub

International Day of Peace: What Climate Action for Peace Means for Burundi

Happy Peace Day! The United Nations established the International Day of Peace with the goal of humanity putting peace above all of our differences and working towards a better world.

13 September 2019 bekejiub

Summer 2019 Trip With Executive Directer Julie Marner

I would like to begin my summer update with gratitude to BFI Intern, Peilla Ishimwe, to Del Mar Rotary Club, and to Project Concern International, all combining for powerful impact in Burundi.

Financial Savings, Women Empowered

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The BFI monthly newsletter provides insight into the lives of the Burundian people and communities we serve.  Learn more about our work, and the impact it is making in Burundi.

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