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Project Medical Supplies & Equipment I

Over $155,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment, as well as clothes and books, arrived in Bujumbura in February of 2012, exactly one year after BFI began work on this project.

In partnership with MedShare, BFI shipped a 40 foot container with these medical supplies. Health clinics who received these included:
• Two hospitals and three clinics in Mugonga Manga, which serves over 15,000 people.
• ANSS, an HIV/AIDS clinic in Bujumbura, with sites in the countryside. *This organization currently serves 3,844 patients.
• Village Health Works, which has served over 50,000 people since 2007. VHW was started by Paul Farmer and DeoGratias, whose story was told by Tracy Kidder in the best selling book, Strength in What Remains.

BFI Healthcare Cargo ShipThe container also held books for the medical school at Hope Africa University, University of Burundi, and Light University, as well as clothes and books for these orphanages: Orphanage of the Sisters of Calcutta, OASIS Orphanage, Our Lady of Misercorde Orphanage, Father’s House Orphanage, and Sarah’s House Orphanage.
It is hard to estimate the impact this shipment had in Burundi, and one story may illustrate – A child hospitalized for months with burn injuries was treated with a tube of ointment included in the medical supplies. Within a few days, that patient was released from the hospital.

The clothes and books distributed to the orphanages were donated by St. John’s Catholic Church in Encinitas, California, and sorted and boxed by students and young adults from the Newman Center Catholic Community at UCSD. A group of BFI Board members had visited eight orphanages in December of 2010 on a trip to identify needs and select groups to support.
We are grateful to all the volunteers and donors who made this project a success.

In 2016 a medical container with over $600,000 worth of medical equipment was sent to be used amoungst 2 clinics and a hospital.


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