Furaha Yassin : A Smile of Women

Furaha Yassin is the co-founder and President of Women Vision Association. BFI was lucky enough to meet Furaha in 2014 in Bujumbura. “I learn first about BFI when I got an invitation from a BFI Volunteer to take part in the BFI Women’s Panel, organized by Ashleigh, July, Michelle, who are BFI members.”

Furaha led WVA in their first major project, which was undertaken on International Women’s Day in March 2015. Furaha’s leadership, ideas, and ability to inspire have been praised by other members of WVA. Furaha is now leading her team on WVA’s biggest project ever, the newly opened Hair Salon!

Furaha has big plans and even bigger dreams. “My biggest dreams are: to help others, especially women, to get experience and to be successful in life. I am what I am because of God’s blessings, courage, and inspiration from different people I met in my life. I’m a Burundian lady who likes and dreams to work for women’s development I can support women associations because woman is a source of development in the world. I like women, study, sharing and peace; I don’t like injustice, tears of women. The unique thing about me and my story is a smile of women.”

Furaha extends her gratitude for the inspiration and continued courage BFI brings her. “BFI is there for Burundi people; BFI helps in different ways Burundi people to fight against poverty, for that reason BFI has positively impacted my life. BFI support Burundi people to achieve their dreams, BFI provides different supports to us Burundi people. BFI inspires me to make my dreams become true and gives me courage.”